A downloadable game for Windows

Control the bounty hunters Seeker, Mesmer, and Hunter as they bust up a space-home in search for their alien target.


Arrow keys: Move (down arrow to drop through platforms)

Space: Jump

Shift: Character Specific Ability
-Seeker (yellow): Smashes the environment looking for the Target.  *Passive:* Automatically shoots the boss if weapon isn't already broken from overuse. Switch to Seeker during the boss fight to splinter existing shots into multiple homing shots.

-Mesmer (green): Use to safely initiate the boss fight with the Target. *Passive:* Mesmerizes the Target during the boss fight while the Target remains in the green aura. Mesmer must be the active character to maintain Mesmerize.

-Hunter (blue): Instantly recharge your rapid automatic shooting against the Target during the boss fight. *Passive:* The target will cry out in fear while the Hunter is in the same room.

Win condition:

Kill the Target.  Can be completed with any combination of two player characters in the room with the Target during the boss fight. Any player characters not in the room when the Target is engaged will be locked out.

Credits:  Music by Kevin MacLeod, Munro Font by Ed Merritt, everything else by Nathaniel Abbott.

Future Goals:

New Target Abilities, New Targets, New Abilities, Upgrade Stats and Abilities, New Locations.

Known Bugs: When the room is locked during the boss fight with the Target, player characters can be clipped into the "lock" obstacles.


Bounty Boys Indev.exe 13 MB


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This game boasts a colorful, loungey aesthetic that reminds me of the Game Boy Advance game Wario Ware: Mega Microgames. The game’s mechanics seem very original, like a cross between The Lost Vikings and a RTS. The music selection is also pretty damn choice. It was pretty chill to just walk around in the game and bop things around with the arrow, until I accidentally startled the monster!

All in all a really neat game for this game jam.