A downloadable game

A game made for the Low Rez Jam April 2016!

Escape a derelict space vessel with the help of a service robot. You are the last survivor but are not alone. Your escape will bring you to your wits end as you fight for survival.


WASD to move

Tab to switch characters where appropriate

Human: Shift to Fire, F to Heal

Robot: Shift to Scan, F to Activate Terminals

???: Shift to Dodge, F to Fire a barrage, Hold F for chain fire

All sound and Music by www.sonniss.com GDC Game Audio Bundle

Art and Programming by: myself

Munro font by: ed@edmerritt.com tenbytwenty.com


Adversary x64 lowrezjam.exe 32 MB


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Very interesting game, kind of hard, but I wouldn't want an easy game. Basically you need to keep switching from the human and the robot to keep each other safe. If you can keep the terminals active as the robot, you are safe as the human, who in return needs to activate generators. I like this game for what it is.